Aerostich Darien jacket and pants

I wore these for 12,000 miles from Shanghai to Paris under a variety of stressful conditions: Mud, rain, mud, rain, mud, rain, more mud, more rain... and that was just China!

They work exactly as advertised which is a high compliment indeed. I stayed dry underneath in all kinds of wet weather. And for warm weather there are zippers underneath each arm and a large zipper across the back with provide decent ventilation. Getting airflow through the jacket was not a problem. I can wear the overpants just as pants or I can wear them over long pants as weather dictates.

It's great to be able to go into an office or restaurant, take off the jacket and be presentable. The Darien offers outstanding protection without sacrificing much in the way of comfort and presentability.

The only flaw with the product is the jacket pockets are not watertight. This is by design as they are accessed with large zippers with the only protection being a little fabric overhang. Mud won't get in but moisture does so be careful. Any improvement Aerostich can make here would be welcome.

I would like Darien pants without the velco map-holder attachments on the outside. I don't use the map holder and without the velcro it would look more like ordinary pants but this is a small thing and I can easily live with it.

My jacket and pants are still in excellent condition but when they eventually wear out I will replace them with another set from Aerostich. Highly recommended!

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